How to Reset Jiofi?- Restore to Default Setting

Before we get started with how to reset the JioFi device and restore the default settings, let me tell you why you should reset your JioFi?

Why Should You Reset the JioFi Device?

You can use the Jiofi Reset option in case you face any following issues.

  • Forgot Jiofi Passwords
  • Jiofi connection error
  • Jiofi not showing in wifi
  • find a Jiofi Device of someone else and want to use it.

If you found someone else JioFi device please does not use it. Using it may be risky as that person may complain against you for stealing the device from him.

And Devices can be tracked using the Mac address and Internet easily. Some of us mistake the JioFi admin address and  Visit http //jiofi.local.html but the original address is JioFi.Local.html

Warning: Resetting Your Jiofi will Reset Everything like – Jiofi Name/Password other settings like filtered devices and Apn.

How to Reset Jiofi to Default Settings?

Just Reseting your Jiofi is not the only thing you need to do. If you want to use your JioFi normally then you need to do some basic changes after this Reset.

Step 1: Take your JioFi device and find where is the Reset Button.

How to Reset Jiofi - Restore to Default Setting

Step 2: Then Press and Hold the Reset Button for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Your JioFi Device will now automatically Reboot and wait till it gets normal.

Step 4: Once your JioFi becomes normal, connect it with your Phone/PC using the Default WiFi Password (Given at the backside of your JioFi)


Step 5: Then Visit JioFi.local.html and log in to the Admin Page with Username: administrator and Password: administrator.


Now you can change the Wifi Password and other Amin Settings of your JioFi Wifi router using this JioFi Admin Account.

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